I’m a photographer based in London, UK. Having grown up in South Africa I had a desire to be surrounded by more creativity and London seemed the like the perfect solution to alleviate my obsession with art and architecture.

Since moving here, I’ve met a multitude of incredible, globally recognised creatives from all over the world who have inspired and who I’ve so much learnt from, which lead to an obsession with photography and documenting everything from architecture to city life and more recently, artists.
I spent many years working in the interiors industry. Initially in design and later in technical sales. All the while photographing projects, and strangely not thinking that this should be a career choice. Fast forward (too many) years and I decided to change things around and started doing photography full time and began by working with some of the clients who I did design and sales work for. Knowing exactly what they needed to promote or sell their products helped immensely, and so started a career I became obsessed with and haven’t looked back from.

In 2018 I set up www.arkimagazine.com as a place to showcase what is happening in the world of art and architecture in London. Essentially a creative luxury city guide.

The first edition of the magazine was launched online with fantastic response. So many incredible talents come to this city from all over the world, bringing their culture and knowledge with them which leads to such diverse and incredible creations. I wanted a place to document these works and showcase everything on our doorstep.